What a life, what a world !!

Have you heard it before? We are oftentimes happy about everything – but it is maybe not that strange. Do we really have any thing to complain about? Not really!!

Some of us always want things to be better. We want to achieve more, perform better, make our colleges strive fore more and at the end of the day – make sure we make as much money as possible. But is it really what makes us happy. In a sense it is. Running a business is all about making money, thats way we do it. The hole idea is to maximize the profit by constantly do things better in every way. But – I also believe it is more (you see here we go again). The satisfaction of delivering something or by doing something that makes someone feel better. It can be our customers who feel we have helped them out in a great way, or it may be a coworker who really feel he or she has performed extremely well. Or the ultimate hight, if you have been a part of a team that delivered something to someone who really appriciated it, and you contributed so that everyone on your team performed better – then it is only right that we get well payed and make a good profit.

So am I making any sense – probably not. But after a day of budget discussions ending up in a good delivering with my team, I just had to spell it out loud

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