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Eirik Norman Hansen

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My History

Ever since I was little technology has always fascinated me. I have been working with technology and digitalisation for more than 20 years through several leading roles in different digital agencies (LinkedIn).

My work today is much about studying and understanding how technology affects us humans, our organisation and the society we are all part of. Through my Keynote talks my goal is to inspire and educate my audience and make them more curious and less sceptical of technology.

Today I run my own business with the goal of helping people and business to be ready for the future. I do Keynote talks and moderates conferences both live and digital. I have been cowriter on a book on Artificial Intelligence and the Law, I run two podcasts «30 minutes into the future» (Norwegian) and «A Walk in the park with Josh & Eirik» (English) and «Eirik & Chris for real» (Norwegian). I am also part of a youtube technology show called «Upgraded with Eirik & Hans-Petter» (Norwegian). I often appear on national TV or radio as a «digital expert» and I appear frequently in various podcasts to discuss innovation, leadership and about technology and the future.

I have been awarded Speaker of The year in 2018 and have been nominated for the same award in 2019, 2020 and in 2021. In 2019 I did my first TEDx talk called «Hyperadoption may save the world«. I love to share my ideas and thoughts, and my goal is always to inspire and educate through tailor maid talks for all my clients.

I am also part of several companies as part-owner and/or as part of the board of directors. I advise start-ups and scale-ups and work as an advisor for several companies or people.